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Boost your construction projects efficiency to another level

For the first time in Georgia BIM Solutions Group in partnership with construction management company CMC is organizing an International Conference Construction Management Digitalization Forum, that will take place in the hotel Pullman Tbilisi Axis Towers on. According to international researchers in Construction there are still so many issues related with Project management, process organization. It causes a minimum 30% time and all others resources waste, it means money wastes. This Conference aims to initiate processes of modernization and digitalization of the Georgian construction sector on Government and Private business level.

Representatives of the Lithuanian, Latvian and Estonian government institutions will share Baltics experience of digitalization and implementation of Modern technologies and methodologies in Construction. In this conference other speakers from the biggest Property development, construction business will share their best practices and benefits of Construction and Project management digitalization by using Building Information Modelling (BIM) methodology and technologies. The conference participants will learn what BIM is, will see international project examples and benefits. This Conference is only the beginning to follow the best practice way, to boost your construction projects efficiency to another level.


CMC is the pioneer in the field of construction management in Georgia. With a history counting a decade, it has become the biggest company on the market boasting 77 completed and 18 ongoing projects in its portfolio and the total amount of investment worth over 2 billion USD. The key to success has always been a team of experienced professionals, fearlessly tackling any difficulties and bold enough to handle projects of any scale.

Many factors contribute to the success of the company, be it experience, expertise or various inner and outer features. However, the primary determinant for the success of CMC was its dedication to the work and the team effort. When these two are the main driving force of the company, even the hardest challenges can be overcome.

Anagi, the largest construction company in Georgia. We have since maintained our critical role with dignity and a continued commitment to excellence. Anagi is chiefly engaged in civil and industrial construction, covering the full range and all phases of construction. The company is always ready to offer full-service packages to our customers – starting from design work right up to the commissioning of a site. Anagi continually prioritizes the implementation of modern technologies and effective management systems, though construction always comes first. The company employs highly qualified engineers, most with over 10 years of experience in the industry, backed up by a strong administrative team comprising high-level professionals. Beyond our engineering specialists, we employ 3,000 professionals from the sector.

Artstudio Project, has been one of the leading companies in the field of architecture, planning and landscape design in Georgia since 2001.

With our great responsibility towards our clients and partners and approach to work, over the years we have gained the high qualification and reputation that are so valuable in our profession and in our work. We help our clients in making their dreams to come true – build houses, develop areas, arrange efficiently and high-class facilities. We assist authorities to plan and develop cities, regions, villages, and resorts; restore and rehabilitate historic neighborhoods, buildings, parks and public spaces. Making the best decision requires creativity and teamworking; Our team, in close relationship with the client, at all stages of the project, is focused on achieving the best result and the highest possible quality.

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